current sponsors

Thank you to our incredible sponsors who elevated our production with their support!


1 logo spot highlighted on the infamous step and repeat backdrop. We will be hosting a few parties, private screenings where this will be displayed, shots with guests and talent and then shared broad media across all social media outlets. * want an additional spot for more visibility, you can get 2 at a discount for $250

Step n repeat:
starting @ $150 per spot


you're support
brings awareness

Big screen exposure: starting at $300
During our private screenings and at all our festivals held across the nation and internationally. Starting display of 4 logos on a shared on the big screen at $300 per spot. Display of 2 logos on screen $550 per spot. Single card display of logo $1000. These will be in our ending credits, our social media shout outs and promos and on ur sponsorship page  of our website.

Would you like to be an executive producing company?  $5000
You company can be displayed in our credits as "Refined Rebel presents in association with 'YOUR COMPANY NAME' a Randall Whittinghill Film" - this spot will be present in ur credits, our official poster, imdb, online social media, website and 6 spots on our step n repeat

We also will offer personal executive producer spots as well for imdb and on screen credit:
 $1000 shared card of up to 4 Co-EP's opening and end credits
$2000 shared card of 2 EP's opening and end credits
$4000 single card executive Producer credit (opening and end)